To explore the ways in which collaboration across professional and other boundaries can add value to programmes and policies to improve oral health.


  Identify how collaboration across professional boundaries can add value to oral health improvement programmes and policies
  Discuss the benefits of collaboration in different dental and oral health environments
  Explore the variety of organisational and individual co-collaborators to improve oral health
  Understand the personal and professional requirement to facilitate collaboration on oral health improvement policies and programmes
  Identify different types of consultation, collaboration, and partnership work to improve population oral health
  Appreciate the need to collaborate beyond our own professional boundaries on work to reduce dental disease and improve oral health

Development outcomes:

This ECPD event meets the criteria for the General Dental Council’s development outcomes

Enhanced CPD hours:

Thursday 11th April 2024 – 4 hours
Friday 12th April 2024 – 5.25 hours

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